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June 2, 2016


This design was born from the collaboration between Laurent Ferrier and one of its exclusive retailers, Swiss FineTiming. It is a great pleasure for Laurent Ferrier to have shared this moment of creativity with Swiss FineTiming and to introduce this new limited timepiece.

Galet Square Swiss FineTiming Vintage America I

The Galet Square micro-rotor with “échappement naturel” in steel offers a two-tone sector dial typical of the late 1930s and unique lugs specially created for this limited edition of 10 pieces.

A distinctive dial

For this special edition, Laurent Ferrier offers a new composition of space on its exceptional sector dial, while respecting the aesthetic codes of its collection. The harmonious division between an outer circle with a circular satin-brushed finish and a central zone with a vertical satin-brushed finish lends the dial this two-tone effect.

The space is marked out by a black nickel gold slender and delicately accentuated raised chapter ring featuring curved markers paying a distinctive nod to the brand’s iconic drop-shaped hour-markers. This new dial is punctuated with black nickel gold Arabic numerals at 9, 12 and 3 o’clock and an applied chapter with a round cabochon cut finish, polished manually offering a beautiful volume effect and focus firmly on readability. The outer rail is complemented by blue painted Arabic numerals.

The small seconds echoes the central theme, thereby endowing this model with a perfect balance entirely respectful of the pure lines and the principles of readability cherished by Laurent Ferrier. The “assegai-shaped” gold hours and minutes hands, treated with ruthenium are stamped in order to achieve the extreme slenderness of Laurent Ferrier model; while the baton-type seconds hand set the perfect finishing touches.

A unique case

To highlight the unique nature of this model created specifically for Swiss FineTiming, Laurent Ferrier is revisiting its lugs offering a unique design featuring a side decoration. The timepiece is fitted with a ball-shaped winding-crown ensuring smooth and pleasant handling. The back sapphire was treated to reveal on the inner part, the Swiss FineTiming logo. The back bezel shows the number of the timepiece out of ten. Its water resistance is guaranteed to a depth of 30 metres.

Once again, Laurent Ferrier testifies to its determination and its ability to create models imbued with a pure aesthetic while also giving a preference to “bespoke” interpretations for unique occasions.
Download the press release and high resolution images here

October 20, 2015


The Galet Square, stylish design but natural evolution of the original Galet, comes back with a new autumn colours look after the sunburst gold-toned dial. Photo courtesy of: Bexsonn. For this new version, Laurent Ferrier treats its Galet Square with an autumn sun 5N red gold-toned colour, with copper glints thanks to the vertical satin-brushed finish that is a favourite with Laurent Ferrier. This dial also features the 11 typical drop-shaped white gold hour-markers. This distinctive look, which combines a vintage style by its colour and a contemporary appearance with a well-kept design, is complete by a chestnut coloured alligator strap. The movement is still the self-winding FBN 229.01 calibre with unidirectional pawl-fitted micro-rotor and a three-day power reserve. LF_GALET SQUARE AUTUMN_WEBSITE

September 1, 2015


For the third consecutive time, Laurent Ferrier has decided to support research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Making_of__onlywatch2015_once_again_... The Monegasque Association against Myopathies and the Monaco Yacht show organized for the tenth consecutive time, a charity designed to raise funds for research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This auction involving the biggest watch brands in the world will take place in November 7th, 2015 in Geneva. For this occasion, Laurent Ferrier has designed a brand new model, totally original ... Honored_to_support__onlywatch2015_with_this_steel__GaletSquare_an_unprecedented_two-tone_sector_dial_and_unique_lugs_specially_created_for_the_occasion._Hope_to_see_you_on_November_7th_for_this_major_charity_auction_  

July 3, 2015


Les galets – Samivel
Adapted from the French poem “Pebbles” by Samivel
On a pebble beach,
tell me what you see?
Pebbles as far as the eye can reach,
All apparently very much alike,
yet a closer look shows
that some are round and others square,
golden, garnet, jade, multicoloured…

At Laurent Ferrier,
some are round and others square
… gold and steel
LF_GALET SQUARE_PROFIL 2 The Galet (pebble). Laurent Ferrier's signature, is being reinterpreted. At Baselworld 2015, Laurent Ferrier unveils its new model: the Galet Square. Technically speaking, the original Galet has become a square leaning towards a cushion shape. Laurent Ferrier has devoted particular attention to the aesthetic harmony of the model. The flowing lines designed five years ago by Laurent Ferrier have been maintained and are now housed within a new case that reprises every subtle detail. The difficulty of the exercise lay in preserving this aesthetic signature while gently shifting it towards new lines. The Galet Square, measuring 41 x 41 mm, is intended to assert a bolder presence on the wrist than the models that inspired it. This is also the first time that Laurent Ferrier is introducing a steel case. The Galet Square, which is joining the brand’s regular collections, thereby opens up a whole new creative era for collections that had thus far been crafted only from rare and precious metals. LF_GALET SQUARE_BLUE The movement is still the self-winding FBN 229.01 calibre with unidirectional pawl-fitted micro-rotor and a three-day power reserve. This is the third in-house movement developed, assembled and adjusted in the Laurent Ferrier workshops. It is equipped with silicon escapement featuring double direct impulse on the balance.

May 19, 2015


For its fifth anniversary, Laurent Ferrier pays a delicious tribute to its four exclusive movements. chocolat2 To celebrate this milestone, a special series is infused with a truly delectable flavour. A keen devotee of the cocoa bean and all it implies, Laurent Ferrier reinterprets the dial of each model in chocolate tones. All models of the LAURENT FERRIER collection will be equipped with an intense chocolate brown dial graced with white chocolate-toned hour-markers.

December 18, 2014


Laurent Ferrier has decided to adorn the Galet Classic Tourbilllon Double Spiral with a sparkling halo in tribute to his first model. News 30_Galet Classic Serti News 2 48 baguette-cut diamonds (3 carats) have been set according to a demanding technique representing a unique skill. Invisible setting is indeed extremely complex, with the diamonds mysteriously held in place as if by magic, thereby ensuring perfect harmony around the bezel. Moreover, the stones are arranged in such a way that they appeal to be moulded to the sapphire crystal. The combination of these two processes endows this creation with a highly distinctive aura.

November 13, 2014


LAURENT FERRIER makes your dreams come true. For its exceptional piece, the Galet Secret, the team offers a completly bespoke service to give an extra touch of soul to your timepiece. Imagine your dial and LAURENT FERRIER takes care of the rest. GALET SECRET_a unique piece_v2

April 24, 2014

GALET MICRO-ROTOR: A new tribute to traditional watchmaking

With these two models presented at Baselworld 2014, Laurent Ferrier pays a further tribute to traditional watchmaking by setting a new tone for the Galet Micro-Rotor line.

Laurent Ferrier has decided to offer a new interpretation of the dial with gold appliques typical of the Micro-Rotor models. A minute track runs around these new dials, while straight relief-worked Arabic numerals focus firmly on readability.

The vertical-structured black dial and the opaline silver-toned dial, both in solid silver, confirm Laurent Ferrier’s high demands in the realm of watchmaking aesthetics.

These dials with their finely balanced architecture set an original tone for these models of which the case and movement are as pure and exclusive as ever.

The Laurent Ferrier signature is clearly apparent in the curve of the white or red gold case that picks up the pure aesthetic in-house codes in the now distinctive “pebble” shape that harks back to the understated models of 19th century horological history. The “assegai-shaped” hands are stamped in order to achieve the characteristic extreme slenderness of Laurent Ferrier model; while its “ball-shaped” winding crown ensures pleasantly smooth handling.


March 20, 2014

The Galet Micro-Rotor goes blue

Unveiled in January 2013, the new dial of the Galet Micro-Rotor is available in a blue version for this emblematic piece from the Laurent Ferrier collection. The gold hour-markers are tinted white in order to accentuate their readability. This new Galet Micro-Rotor is available with an 18K/750 white or red gold case. LCF004.G1.CW1.1_soldat

December 20, 2013

An exceptional GALET SECRET unveiled

For the very first time, the GALET SECRET by LAURENT FERRIER welcomes a creative artisan’s free-spirited interpretation of a contemporary pictorial work. Charles Belle is a contemporary artist who creates large-size paintings. The encounter between Charles Belle, who fills space with shimmering colours, and a miniature painting specialist, has given rise to a fascinating artistic cooperative endeavour. The entire difficulty for the enameller lies in sufficiently mastering the craft so as to ensure that the colour effect faithfully reflects the painter’s generous colour palette. Characterised by a unique touch, subtle nuances and vibrant tone, the entire genius of Charles Belle is reproduced on the tiny scale of a dial that will be housed in a 42 mm-diameter watch creation.   painting