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December 18, 2014


Laurent Ferrier has decided to adorn the Galet Classic Tourbilllon Double Spiral with a sparkling halo in tribute to his first model. News 30_Galet Classic Serti News 2 48 baguette-cut diamonds (3 carats) have been set according to a demanding technique representing a unique skill. Invisible setting is indeed extremely complex, with the diamonds mysteriously held in place as if by magic, thereby ensuring perfect harmony around the bezel. Moreover, the stones are arranged in such a way that they appeal to be moulded to the sapphire crystal. The combination of these two processes endows this creation with a highly distinctive aura.

November 13, 2014


LAURENT FERRIER makes your dreams come true. For its exceptional piece, the Galet Secret, the team offers a completly bespoke service to give an extra touch of soul to your timepiece. Imagine your dial and LAURENT FERRIER takes care of the rest. GALET SECRET_a unique piece_v2

April 24, 2014

GALET MICRO-ROTOR: A new tribute to traditional watchmaking

With these two models presented at Baselworld 2014, Laurent Ferrier pays a further tribute to traditional watchmaking by setting a new tone for the Galet Micro-Rotor line.

Laurent Ferrier has decided to offer a new interpretation of the dial with gold appliques typical of the Micro-Rotor models. A minute track runs around these new dials, while straight relief-worked Arabic numerals focus firmly on readability.

The vertical-structured black dial and the opaline silver-toned dial, both in solid silver, confirm Laurent Ferrier’s high demands in the realm of watchmaking aesthetics.

These dials with their finely balanced architecture set an original tone for these models of which the case and movement are as pure and exclusive as ever.

The Laurent Ferrier signature is clearly apparent in the curve of the white or red gold case that picks up the pure aesthetic in-house codes in the now distinctive “pebble” shape that harks back to the understated models of 19th century horological history. The “assegai-shaped” hands are stamped in order to achieve the characteristic extreme slenderness of Laurent Ferrier model; while its “ball-shaped” winding crown ensures pleasantly smooth handling.


March 20, 2014

The Galet Micro-Rotor goes blue

Unveiled in January 2013, the new dial of the Galet Micro-Rotor is available in a blue version for this emblematic piece from the Laurent Ferrier collection. The gold hour-markers are tinted white in order to accentuate their readability. This new Galet Micro-Rotor is available with an 18K/750 white or red gold case. LCF004.G1.CW1.1_soldat

December 20, 2013

An exceptional GALET SECRET unveiled

For the very first time, the GALET SECRET by LAURENT FERRIER welcomes a creative artisan’s free-spirited interpretation of a contemporary pictorial work. Charles Belle is a contemporary artist who creates large-size paintings. The encounter between Charles Belle, who fills space with shimmering colours, and a miniature painting specialist, has given rise to a fascinating artistic cooperative endeavour. The entire difficulty for the enameller lies in sufficiently mastering the craft so as to ensure that the colour effect faithfully reflects the painter’s generous colour palette. Characterised by a unique touch, subtle nuances and vibrant tone, the entire genius of Charles Belle is reproduced on the tiny scale of a dial that will be housed in a 42 mm-diameter watch creation.   painting

September 10, 2013

Spotlight on the Galet Traveller

After a plane journey around the world, the Galet Traveller now reveals its attributes in a brand-new film. Each detail is shown in minute and vibrant detail. The gaze sweeps across the famous pebble-shaped solid gold case and the generous winding crown, before marvelling at the dial effects, the gold hands and the slender hour-markers complemented by two bevelled apertures displaying the reference time and date. A look through the back then reveals the self-winding LF 230.01 movement from the line of Micro-Rotor with natural escapement movements, which incorporates the dual-time adjustment mechanism as well as the date. One also notes that the latter is not an additional module, but instead a fully integrated complication that required no less than two years of development and is once again graced with breathtakingly beautiful finishing…



July 15, 2013

Baselworld 2013: a steel limited series of the Galet Classic


Laurent Ferrier introduces an exceptional limited series in order to highlight the latest developments of the Tourbillon Double Spiral calibre. Only 18 of these Galet Classic steel watches will emerge from the workshops.

Among the recent technical developments, Laurent Ferrier wished to optimise the efficiency of its initial calibre. The aim was to make the performance of the regulating organ even more reliable by achieving complete mastery of the escapement. Thanks to the combination of the famous tourbillon double-hairspring mechanism along with manual adjustment of this new escapement, the chronometer confirms its excellent rating regularity.

This limited edition features a gold dial adorned by hand with a sunburst guilloché motif. Delicate hour-markers punctuate the décor and accentuate the depth effect. The small seconds at 6 o’clock is slightly recessed. The case-back provides an admirable view of the extremely meticulous movement finishing: the ratchet pawl and its smooth round-polished blade, the bridges embellished with Côtes de Genève, the circular-grained mainplate, the clean-cut edges and the hand-chamfered and polished interior angles. The art of watchmaking at its purest and finest.


June 18, 2013

Baselworld 2013:
a new escapement for the Galet Classic

echappement_478 2013 sees the introduction of new developments on the Tourbillon Double Spiral calibre, including the mastery of its escapement mechanism. Laurent Ferrier wished to optimise the efficiency of its calibre by enhancing the reliability of the regulating organ. The Research & Development department worked for the last 15 months on improved energy management. It devised a new geometry for the lever, for which a patent has been filed, as well as of the escape-wheel in order to provide them with constant support. This approach reduces the losses of force due to backlash and facilitates the unlocking impulse, while the existing energy is used in a more efficient manner. The balance has also been redesigned in order to perfect its rating accuracy. Together with the double balance-spring tourbillon mechanism as well as manual adjustment, the regulating organ of this chronometer thus maintains excellent rating regularity. A new calibre naturally called for new dials. Crafted in silver-toned or slate grey 18K gold, they highlight the beauty of manual decoration, with a central “Clous de Paris” guilloché motif and a circular satin-brushed surround. Once again, concern for detail has been taken to extremes, a signature characteristic of watches by Laurent Ferrier. GaletClassic_478

June 18, 2013

The Only Watch dove

Only Watch, the grand Monaco rendezvous for connoisseurs and collectors of beautiful watches will take place on September 28th 2013. This auction on behalf of research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy will feature a one-of-a-kind model developed by Laurent Ferrier. This exceptional creation houses the first movement of the second version of the Tourbillon Double Spiral – meaning number “000” of LF Calibre 619.01. The calibre is encased within a steel “pebble” framing a hand-painted grand feu enamel dial depicting a dove, while the gold-rimmed small seconds subdial bears a tone-on-tone painting of the Monaco coat-of-arms. colombe_478

May 30, 2013

Baselworld 2013:
the Galet Traveller tames the hours of the world

Traveller_478 Moscow, Sydney, New York or Rio de Janeiro: the new Galet Traveller adopts all the hours on the planet. This year, Laurent Ferrier presents a dual-time function, a so-called useful complication that is extremely simple to operate. This watch crosses the world’s various time zones at a single press, while ensuring a blend of readability and performance. Subtly integrated into the left-hand side of the case, two oblong pushbuttons serve to move the local time indicated by the central hand either backwards or forwards. Along with this fast time correction, the date appearing in a window at 3 o’clock is automatically modified each time the hand passes midnight, thus adapting to the transitions between various time zones, while the reference or ‘home’ time continues to appear through the 9 o’clock aperture. Thanks to its 24-hour display mode, it is easy to keep track of whether it is day or night at home, even from the other side of the world. Visually speaking, the Galet Traveller guarantees authentic readability thanks to its pure aesthetic. The case is in white or red gold. The solid silver dial in silver-toned, midnight blue or slate grey variations features two alternating decorative effects: vertical satin-brushed in the centre and circular satin-brushed around the outside. The Galet Traveller houses a self-winding calibre belonging to the famous line of micro-rotor movements with natural escapement. It is combined with the dual time-zone adjustment mechanism as well as the date. This integrated complication took a full two years to develop, since each component is an integral part of the global construction of the case calibre. mouv_Traveller_478 This innovative horological architecture, complemented by the natural escapement, ensures the excellent winding force of the micro-rotor. Its efficiency is far superior to the majority of standard escapements and above all very stable over the long term – an asset that significantly contributes to the exceptionally accurate rate of this chronometer certified by Besançon Observatory.