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pull out piece lever


    • Manual winding mechanical movement
    • Diameter: 14’’’ (31.60 mm)
    • Thickness: 5.57 mm
    • Frequency: 3Hz (21,600 vibrations/hour)
    • Number of jewels: 23
    • Power reserve: 80 hours
Trompe l’oeil groove creating the impression that the two bridges are in fact one and ensuring the rigidity of the overall construction.
Bridge contours inspired by pocket-watch movements.
Manual-winding system with “long-blade” ratchet pawl – a nod to the mechanical sound of historical watches – featuring a smooth-polished finish.
Smooth-polished tourbillon bridge
Decorated in the finest watchmaking tradition with 30 interior angles hand-crafted with a burin, Côtes de Genève motif and circular graining.
Double Balance-Spring Tourbillon
The tourbillon system compensates for the variations in rate in all vertical positions. The two head-to-tail mounted balance-springs, made from a confidential new material, neutralise the lateral displacement of the balance axis. For the first time, Laurent Ferrier associates these two devices and thus adds up their advantages in order to guarantee high rating precision and to improve regularity.
Swiss lever escapement
The efficiency of the system is optimised thanks to a new geometry of the lever and the escape-wheel. This design, together with the use of steel, considerable enhances the performance of the escapement since it provides constant support and serves to achieve optimal results in each position. The losses in force due to backlash and facilitates the unlocking impulse. The existing energy is used in a more efficient way.
Spring-free winding-stem pull-out piece lever